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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Message from Kevin Adams

Hi everyone

First, my apologies for piggy-backing on Pete's session list, and
secondly my regrets that I never get to play with you all any more.
Sadly, my MS has progressed and my hands are unable to play stringed
instruments at all now. (No change there then??)

But... I am still making music- hurrah for computers! So here are the

I have finished off a collection of songs which I began recording back
when I could play. It's called 'Sheltermore' and you can hear the songs
(You can also download them if you are feeling generous enough to pay a
small fee :) ) My other two CDs, 'The Common Land' and 'Waiting   For
the Word', are also available on the Bandcamp site.

I have more music to hear at StudioBlend on Soundcloud:
This is a mixture of work in progress, archive bits and pieces and the
more layered and orchestral stuff which is how I hope to work from now on.

Last advert: I am selling my instruments, because they deserve to be
played rather than hung on the wall looking sorry for themselves. They
are: Gibson mandolin, Martin Cole octave mandolin, Fender Telecaster USA
1978, Fender Capistrano acoustic and a cheap but nice, playable, Chinese
12 string acoustic. Get in touch if any of these are of interest.

I might even sell my fiddle to the right person...

End of waffle, thanks for reading this far if you have, and keep making
great music together.

Lots of love


ps if anyone feels like tweeting or Facebooking any of this I'd be very