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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Message from Andrew Metcalfe

Dear Telegraphers
I was informed yesterday that landlord Mike Warren had quit the Telegraph. Not living near Moulton anymore I sent out a scout (Phil Lewis) to verify the news. Phil confirmed that the place was indeed blacked out last night.
1/. There will be no more Telegraph sessions until further notice.
2/. Sue Martin is on the lookout for an alternative venue in the same area. She will let you know what she has come up with.
3/. I will take this opportunity to bow out of the organising 'team'.
This session has been going since Audrey Smith established it in 1979 in Grendon. Since then it has had 3 organisers and several different venues. I expect the session to keep going in one guise or another for many years to come.
I look forward to seeing you at the next session - wherever that may be.
In the future information regarding this session will be sent out by Sue Martin (01933 413965).

Au revoir