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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update: message re.The Globe from Pete Tales

By now most of you will have heard of the tragic incident which took place at the Globe yesterday. If you haven't, Police were called to a stabbing incident at the pub yesterday morning, whilst the pub was still closed. A man was rushed to hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Another man was arrested on suspicion of murder. Local news reports are sketchy to say the least, but at least one indicates that the victim is believed to be the landlord of the pub. Needless to say, the pub is presently sealed, and under police guard. I spoke to the officer on duty this afternoon, who obviously couldn't give any details, but did say that formal identification has not yet taken place, and the autopsy will probably be tomorrow - and it is unlikely that the pub will re-open "For some time".

Regrettably therefore, Sunday's session has to be cancelled. I'll let you all know as I get more news.

Regards, Pete.